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DSE Assessments, Massage and On-site Therapy

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Office Osteopaths believes that every business should be at it’s best. By preventing and treating pain in the workplace you can improve productivity, boost morale and reduce the amount of time taken as sick-leave.

Our staff are highly trained, compassionate osteopaths with a minimum of 5 years experience in pain management who want to get your employees back to their best.


Office Osteopaths are one of the only osteopath-trained teams in the UK exclusively offering our services on-site for our clients. Our expertise and experience in the corporate environment ensures that your staff are in the best hands for postural handling. As such, your staff can have treatment for their aches and pains in the convenience of their own office, getting back to work as quickly as it takes them to walk back to their desk.

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Chair Massage

Beat stress in the office

DSE Assessments

Prevent pain at work


Treat aches and pain on-site

Every angle covered

By offering the full package of chair massage, Display Screen Equipment assessments, workshops and Osteopathy, our Office Osteopaths are equipped to care for the well-being of your staff.

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Increased productivity

GIve your staff a lift

Reduced time off work

No pain = no time off sick!

Boost morale

Show your staff you care

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