Osteopathy Prices

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Osteopathic treatment can be provided in-house for staff members who have been through the first two levels of our Corporate Care Course. If chair massage and DSE workstation assessments have not corrected an existing problem, osteopathic treatment may be able to relax off stiff muscles and relieve the pressure on trapped nerves.

Please note that a minimum of five patients per session is required for these prices. Four patients or fewer will result in regular Visiting Osteopaths (our sister programme) prices.

Check with your health insurance as your policy may cover osteopathic treatment if your staff member is enrolled. If this is the case, not only do you get your staff out of pain but you also get it reimbursed.

Osteopathy procedure

In a private room your osteopath will go through your case history and, in combination with a physical examination, formulate a diagnosis. Once your osteopath has a diagnosis, you will be talked through what they think the problem is and asked for consent for treatment.

Each initial consultation can take up to one hour. Please consult the FAQ section or contact us to see if your problem is something Office Osteopaths can treat.

Initial Consultation


Case History
Physical Examination
Up to 60 minutes
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Follow-up treatment


Up to 30 minutes