Perfect posture = powerful performance!

Re-energise your staff and fulfil your legal obligations

Office Osteopaths are postural safety consultants who specialise in injury prevention in the workplace. By providing DSE assessments, ergonomic assessments and training workshops our clients see the following benefits in their employees;

  • Reduction in musculoskeletal injury related absenteeism
  • Reduction in presenteeism
  • Improved productivity from greater focus and concentration at work

We operate in the South East, including London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Kent and Worcestershire.

What our clients say about us

  • After implementing all the recommendations made by Matt I can say I have noticed a massive difference in improved posture, this has directly led to and increase in concentration, motivation and productivity. For what I believe to be a small investment in my health I can gladly say the results have far exceeded my expectations.
    Nick Klynsmith Kreatif Design Ltd
  • My company hired Office Osteopaths to do a workstation assessment for our employees, as a number of them had been having issues with neck and back pain, which was linked to the desk based nature of their roles. It has been a huge success in terms of increased productivity, improved staff morale and less absenteeism from work. For any business who can't afford to have a permanent in house workplace assessor, this is a highly recommended and cost effective option
    Fergus McCarthy Nolan Osteopathy
  • Excellent and informative workshop. Some great advice and exercises suggested.
    Mark Jordan Web Developer, London
  • Well presented and knowledgeable. Has a serious side and a humorous side and it works well in presentation and keeping everyone focused.
    Mohammad Arif Web Developer, London

Why is posture important?

Between the Health and Safety Act 1974 and the Display Screen Equipment Act 1991, UK employers have an obligation to protect the wellbeing of their staff whilst using computers, tablets and even mobile phones at work.

Sitting for prolonged periods causes muscular weakening, altered pressure on spinal discs and premature fatigue. Poor posture results in an altered centre of gravity which can cause muscular strain, back pain, neck pain, sciatica and many more musculoskeletal conditions.

By improving the posture of your employees via DSE assessments and educational workshops you will enable them to protect their own posture in the long term, with obvious benefits in the workplace.

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