About Us

The story of Office Osteopaths started after two very successful years with the sister business Visiting Osteopaths, which provided osteopathic home visits in the Berkshire area for people unable to reach a clinic.

Evenings and weekends were very popular with office workers, many of whom had chronic conditions caused by poor workplace posture. Office Osteopaths was established to complement existing health packages provided by business of all sizes with the aim of treating, and more importantly, preventing these conditions.

Save money

After receiving positive feedback from several large clients, Office Osteopaths expanded to include corporate chair massage services and ergonomic/workstation assessments. By targeting both prevention and treatment Office Osteopaths is able to provide a complete approach to corporate healthcare.

Building the Office Osteopaths team from the ground up, customer satisfaction has always been one of our main focuses. As the reputation of our company was synonymous with the quality of our service, our results always had to exceed expectations.

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Matthew Devonport

Registered Osteopath, Director of Office Osteopaths

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William Zylstra

Registered Osteopath, Senior Osteopath

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