Chair Massage

Chair massage allows you to show your staff you care

Why chair massage?

In today’s hectic office environment stress accumulates vulnerable areas of your employees. Poor desk posture and strict deadlines all take their toll on your staffs’ bodies including the shoulders and necks. Ease their tensions, aches and pains by giving them a chair massage in the convenience of their office.

Our staff

Our staff are highly trained professional osteopaths with degrees in Osteopathic Medicine consisting of 1500+ clinic hours experience of soft tissue and massage techniques. As our osteopaths massage away the worries of your staff, we also diagnose musculoskeletal issues. If the client mentions they have back or neck pain, we are happy to discuss  the underlying problem.

Where possible we also recommend exercises or stretches to prevent the pain from getting worse. When the problem cannot be fixed by chair massage, stretches or exercise we discuss DSE assessments.

How can chair massage help to save money?

Chair massage allows the muscles to take some time off from holding your staff upright. Stress causes tension to manifest itself in the body, usually in tightening of the trapezius muscles of the neck and shoulder, gradually getting increasingly tighter. Over a long enough period the nerves in the area may be compromised, resulting in neck, upper back and/or shoulder pain.

Chair massage:

  • Relaxes the staff member.
  • Reduces the tension in their bodies.
  • Releases toxins that the muscles can hold onto.

The secondary benefits to the company include:

  • Increased productivity through happier and more focused staff
  • Fewer days off sick from musculoskeletal disorders
  • Reduced costs from enhanced company culture, reducing staff turnover and retraining costs.

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    A small selection of photos showing where we have worked

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    Our team attends many different functions, from offices and conferences to charity and networking events.

    We love working at every event we attend, meeting a wide variety of people and showing them how massage can help their health and well-being. For many of our clients it is their first massage and they can really see the change in stress levels even after just ten minutes!

    What do our clients say about us?

    A few kind words:

    • I had the pleasure of receiving one of Matt’s Chair Massages and I can honestly say it instantly relieved the tension in my upper back and re-invigorated me for the rest of the day. I would certainly recommend it.
      Simon Clarke Skylark Marketing
    • When I was suffering from an aching back after standing for a long period at a networking event it was great to be able to have a chair massage to undo the knots and set me straight again. This allowed me to not only continue with my day, but also attend another event (where I was standing a lot) in the evening and make a long drive feeling refreshed (and surprisingly awake) at the end of the day. If you have those little niggles I really can recommend Matt to straighten them out.
      Stephen Wells Aim to Succeed Ltd