Treat existing pain in the office

Why Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic system of healthcare aimed at restoring joint function through soft tissue (massage), articulatory and manipulative techniques.

When used in conjunction with exercises it can provide immediate and long-lasting relief.Patients seek out osteopaths to enable them to get to the root of the cause as opposed to masking the pain with painkiller and anti-inflammatory medication.

Desk advice

If one of the predisposing factors involves sitting at a desk all day, we can make suggestions to adapt the workspace to suit the patient in order to minimise the impact on the patient’s body. Poorly angled computer screens, keyboards placed too far away and chairs set at the wrong height can all negatively impact a patient’s joints.

The human spine is a support column for the whole body, if the muscles keeping the spine upright are weakened through lack of use (such as prolonged sitting at a desk) the spine will change shape. The shape will depend on the individual and their position but anyone with poor posture will inevitably experience aches and stiffness and then some.

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The spine also protects the spinal cord, whose nerves exit between each of the vertebral joints. If the vertebral joints become compressed, the nerves will be impinged and a variety of symptoms can occur either in the spine or along that nerve root, such as pain, weakness, numbness or pins-and-needles.

By using osteopathic techniques, we enable the spine to move as it should. In combination with ergonomic assessments we are able to keep your staff happy and pain-free while working. As a knock-on effect, looking after your staff has shown to keep morale higher and increase productivity.

We use osteopathic treatment in combination with chair massage and DSE assessments in order to keep your staff in the best shape possible.

Benefits of our services

What we can offer you

Increased productivity

GIve your staff a lift

Reduced time off work

No pain = no time off sick!

Boost morale

Show your staff you care

Office Osteopaths specialises in providing high-quality manual therapists in the workplace. We strive for excellence and working with companies who care for their staff drives us to be the best in our field.

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    What do our clients say about us?

    A few kind words:

    • Matt has made such a positive change to my day to day life. I can’t recommend him enough. After the first visit I could already notice improvement. I sleep better, I’m happier and I can’t remember the last time I got stuck because my hip clicked and I was in pain unable to move. He is an amazing professional and I can’t thank him enough.
      Ariadna Klynsmith Graphic Designer, Kreatif Design
    • After the first treatment by Matt on my shoulder today it honestly feels like he removed my shoulder and replaced it with a brand new one. After 3 years of constant pain and issues, I will be booking him in for a full course of treatments.
      Drystan Davies-Knight Davies-Knight Ltd
    • To know and trust a good Osteopath is like gold dust – Matt is gold dust! I cannot thank him enough for seeing me at short notice, diagnosing my condition within minutes (such a relief) and then firstly, stopping the pain and giving me movement back and secondly, making me 100% fit again, in such a short period of time too.
      Michelle Wirth Personnel Manager, Microsoft
    • I contacted Matt when I had frozen shoulder. It was making everything from driving to sitting at the computer almost unbearable. I had two treatments and the effect was almost instant. Immediately movement was restored to my shoulders and pain was reduced. After the second treatment I was back to normal. I have since used Matt on a number of occasions to release back tension and pain. Matt is a very thorough and knowledgeable person. He obviously knows his trade and is very considerate.
      Dominic Asater Asater Consultancy Services Ltd
    • I would like to recommend Matt of Office Osteopaths. Matt has been treating my husband for a while now who suffers from an old back injury and being self-employed he cannot afford to take time out of the working day to see an osteopath, nor can he afford to have time off with a bad back. Matt is a genuinely nice bloke, very professional and very informative with regards to diagnosis and treatment.
      Lizzie Johnson Manager, Hedgehogs Gardening Services
    • I had a seven day migraine – a record for me. Grim days. But, thanks to my brilliant osteopath, Matt Devonport, who gave me one 45 minute treatment… it’s completely gone today, even been gardening and not one twinge. Such a relief, I have my life back! Many thanks Matt, can’t believe how much better my neck, back, and head feel.
      Jeanneke Hodges White Horse Consultancy Services
    • I could not recommend Matt highly enough. He really is an osteopath who actually cares and hesitates to leave until he knows he has made a difference to your problem. I have constant desk-related tension in my neck and shoulders and after a Matt visit they feel completely freed. Matt is also great company and incredibly friendly who really does go above and beyond what is expected of him. I hope to have Matt treat me for many years to come.
      Charlotte Brind PA
    • Absolute god send! I’ve suffered with lower back pain for years and never thought it could be fixed, but just after a few sessions the pain was gone! I have complete mobility and don’t have to worry about bending over or carrying heavy things anymore. I can honestly say that Osteopathy is the way forward!
      Teagan Grant Tech Support, IT Company
    • The treatment and service provided was very professional, thorough and I was given a full explanation of the treatment I would receive. It was also explained how I could help myself in the future. I would highly recommend Matt and thank him for the treatment he provided to me.
      Paul Hibbert Crane Operator
    • Great customer service – Very flexible and accommodating with availability at short notice – Very knowledgeable – Couldn’t recommend highly enough. As a photographer my day to day job requires a lot of bending, kneeling and leaning over and then many hours sat at a computer. I know that my issue has been building over some time, resulting in it going completely. Thankfully Matt was amazing and really put me back on track quickly. I will definitely be recommending him to others and calling him again if it starts to feel like it is going again or giving me bother. Thank you for the great service.
      Anna Hurst Self-employed photographer
    • Today Matt came to treat me for a frozen shoulder and ongoing back pain. Matt coming to treat me at the house  took so much pressure off me trying to drive whilst in agony. I couldn’t type on my laptop before he worked on me ..He went the extra mile and is amazing.,Not only did he cure my back pain he gave me good advice and reassurance on how to manage my shoulder when I thought there was little hope of of it ever going away. He combines a professional approach with warm and kindness creating a relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend Matt. Thank you!
      Angie Camburn Chef
    • For many years now I have lived with a very painful shoulder – painful to the point that most nights I would wake up in so much pain that I could not move my arm. “I’ll just have to live with it” I thought, “take a few pain killers, that’s life, bits wear out”. Not so, according to my daughter, "Contact Matt, he can do some amazing things with shoulder pain", so, "nothing lost / nothing gained, I’ll give it a go" I thought. Matt came round and worked a bit of his magic, and since that first one hour session I have not awoken once in the night with a painful arm / shoulder. A great guy who really knows his job, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone in need of an Osteopath – thanks Matt!
      Bill Higgs Upholsterer