Remote DSE Assessments

Remote DSE Assessments

Working from remote locations is made possible by the technology we use every day. From the sofa at home to a cafe in the Bahamas we can still be productive anywhere in the world. However, from an ergonomic perspective, the same perils remain.

When working away from the office we have far less control over our ergonomics. Sofas offer no lumbar support, the chair when sitting working at the dining room table isn’t adjustable and no laptop is good for the back without being raised up to a decent level, no matter how nice the coffee in that Bahamian cafe is.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic we are currently undergoing the world’s largest remote working experiment. With less control over our ergonomics it is more imperative than ever to look after our own posture, after all if you don’t change your workstation to suit your posture, then your posture will change to suit your workstation.

How you can help your staff if they work from home?

Office Osteopaths has been providing DSE assessments and other ergonomic services for countless companies across the South East of England for the past five years. Owing to geographical restrictions this was as far as we could go to help our clients.

Along with many other companies and their new home-working employees, we have embraced the change that the pandemic has afforded us and have created the Remote DSE assessment.

Instead of slumping on the sofa or being curved over the kitchen table, we can help and advise you and your employees on how to minimise the strain on your bodies whilst using laptops and tablets.

Using video chat technology we can speak directly with your employees, identify any weak points in their home set up and generate reports during the consultation. We can recommend affordable products to enhance their posture and give them the energy and focus they need to perform their jobs as happily and as efficiently as possible.

Our assurance

We use specialised client management software with in-browser SSL encrypted video calling, so staff do not need to install any software and can rest assured that their data is protected.

At the end of the assessment a report is generated and sent to the HR department with recommendations of any ergonomic products for each and every staff member. As much as possible we try to use existing equipment that the employee already has in their possession. This may be something as simple as a large book on which to rest their laptop or a cushion to support their lower back instead of a lumbar support. Of course these aren’t as specialised as specifically designed products but we try to make changes as quickly as possible and can support the employee going forward if they need any other recommendations.

Benefits of our services

What DSE assessments can do for you.

Increased productivity

Give your staff a lift

Reduced time off work

No pain = no time off sick!

Boost morale

Show your staff you care

Legal compliance

Comply with employer obligations

Prevent pain

Get your staff sitting straight

Reduce time taken sick

No pain means less sick leave

Office Osteopaths specialises in providing high-quality manual therapists in the workplace. We strive for excellence and working with companies who care for their staff drives us to be the best in our field.

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